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Montejo Consulting provides training to assist women achieve continuous success in leadership positions. With over 30 years of service and retiring as a Division Chief in the largest police department in the Southeastern United States, Dr. Montejo is uniquely qualified to help take you to the next level in your career. Chief Montejo offers the unique perspective of command level experience and academic research in the area of women in policing.

The courses, entitled Meeting the Challenges of Leadership, are committed to providing training to assist women in policing to be competitive in the promotional process. With our years of experience and numerous successes in the field, we know we are the right choice for any woman in law enforcement looking to advance her career.

Issues unique to women constitute a significant portion of the training provided by the instructor, balanced with the practical aspects of defining leadership, learning to lead and improving leadership capacity. Seminars are student driven, interactive, hands-on and feature case studies, lectures and discussion groups to prepare women in today’s law enforcement field for the practical and not so subtle aspects of assuming command. Focus is on critical skills necessary for women to bridge the gap from first line supervisor to command staff.

Meeting the Challenges of Leadership provides a unique opportunity for female officers to gather insight into how men and women interact with each other in a working environment.

The instructor brings the perspective of a female supervisor in a male dominated law enforcement; however, these techniques are valuable tools for supervisors in any circumstance. Increasing awareness of these leadership skills will enable class participants to break down barriers between divergent styles, and form a cooperative effort to create successful outcomes.