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Montejo Consulting provides training to assist women achieve continuous success in leadership positions. Chief Montejo is a highly skilled facilitator with over 30 years of hands-on experience in policing and training. Her passion for training / coaching / empowering women is evident in her energetic and inclusive style.

The courses, entitled Meeting the Challenges of Leadership, are committed to providing training to assist women in policing to be competitive in the promotional process. With our years of experience and numerous successes in the field, we know we are the right choice for any woman in law enforcement looking to advance her career.

Issues unique to women constitute a significant portion of the training provided by the instructor, balanced with the practical aspects of defining leadership, learning to lead and improving leadership capacity. Seminars have a multi-faceted design which is student driven, interactive, hands-on and includes small discussion groups, lectures, and interactive exercises to develop talents and help students achieve increased levels of performance. This instructional style allows participants to apply newly learned skills to their current and future assignments. Training seminars include one, two, and three-day courses and can be tailored to meet your department’s specific needs and requirements.

Meeting the Challenges of Leadership provides a unique opportunity for female officers to gather insight into how men and women interact with each other in a working environment.

The instructor brings the perspective of a female supervisor in a male dominated law enforcement; however, these techniques are valuable tools for supervisors in any circumstance. Increasing awareness of these leadership skills will enable class participants to break down barriers between divergent styles, and form a cooperative effort to create successful outcomes.

What to Expect

Sample Course Topics


  • Developing your Leadership Style
  • Components of Compelling Leadership
  • Growing Leadership Capabilities
  • Leadership, Management, Supervision
  • Decision Making


  • Developing the Attitude of Leadership
  • Leverage your Strengths and Curtail your Weaknesses
  • Confidence Building Strategies
  • Stereotypical Bias
  • Building a Strategic Network


  • Gender Bender Communication
  • Find your Voice
  • Ensure your Message Reaches your Target Audience
  • Make your Point
  • Semantics
  • Avoid Miscommunication
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • Undiscussibles
  • Networking


  • How Do You Define Ethics?
  • Do We All Have the Same Ethical Barometer?
  • Slippery Slope and Gray Areas
  • Why Do People Act Unethically?
  • How Do You Respond?


  • Building a Roadmap for the Future
  • Self-Assessment
  • Identifying the Goals You Intend to Achieve
  • What Your Plan Must Include


  • The Importance of Balance in Your Work and Personal Life
  • Work/Life Conflicts
  • Priorities and Performance
  • Relationships - With Yourself and Others


Increased Personal Effectiveness

Increased Self-Awareness & Self-Confidence

Building Awareness of Your Approach to Leadership

Greater Confidence in Communication Skills